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Administrative Division

Administrative Division
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        Under the provincial administration, there are 12 prefecture level cities of Lanzhou, Tianshui, Baiying, Jinchang, Jiayuguan, Qingyang, Pingliang, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Dingxi and Longnan, two autonomous prefectures of Linxia and gannan, 4 county level cities, 59 counties, 7 ethnic minority autonomous counties and 17 districts under city jurisdiction.
        Provincial Capital Lanzhou     Lanzhou is the only city in the country that the Yellow River flows across the downtown area and reputed as “the Capital of the Yellow River and the Famous City with Mountains-and-Waters”. Lanzhou is the biggest newly industrialized city on the upper reaches of the Yellow River and one of the 50 cities with strong comprehensive strength in China.