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Mingha Sand Dunes Andcresent Moon Springin DunHuang
Date: 2004-12-27 | From: | Click:

The National Natural Scenery Zone
The National AAAA Tourist Scenic Zone

One of  the 40 Top National  Natural Scenery  Zones Of China
Mingsha Sand Dunes, situated 6km southwest away from Dunhuang Town, is stretching for more than 40km's long  and more than 20km's wide.  The hill is composed of  five-color sands in red, yellow, green, black and white. The northern peak is cragged, steep and wonderful--looking like the sharp edge of a knife.  Sands will come down and sound could be heard when you slide down from its top.  Crescent Moon Spring lies in the arm of the dunes at the foot of Mingsha Hills, extending for 118m from west to the east but only 25m from south to the north. Despite being surrounded by the sand hills , the Spring has never been covered by quicksands and kept clear perennially. Featuring the quite pretty scenes, It neither overflow after rain nor dry up after drought, It is really a wonder that the sands and spring lake coexist together for thousands of years.